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Case Results


Besides appearing in the trial courts of Massachusetts, Attorney Methe has appeared in the appellate courts of Massachusetts numerous times in criminal cases that were appealed where he was not the trial lawyer.  He has several victories, both in published and unpublished decisions.


He has argued appeals in the Massachsetts Appeals Court over forty times after serious felony convictions.  He has also argued at the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (the highest court in Massachusetts) five times after first-degree murder convictions.   In the federal courts, he has argued in the First Circuit Court of Appeals.


Some of his successful published appellate decisions are:



1. Commonwealth v. Conley, 43 Mass. App. Ct. 385 (1997)

2. Commonwealth v. McGee, 75 Mass. App. Ct. 499 (2009)

3. Commonwealth v. Davis, 83 Mass. App. Ct. 484 (2013)

4. Commonwealth v. Denton, 477 Mass. 248 (2017)

5. United States v. Isler, 429 F.3d 19 (2005)



Attorney Methe has also been successful at the trial level in criminal cases, either having the Commonwealth agree to dismiss the case or to reduce the charges. He has also been successful in obtaining verdicts of not guilty after trial in numerous cases over his forty-two years of practice.  In 2015, in a case from Norfolk Superior Court, Attorney Methe was successful in having a judge allow his motion for a new trial for a client who had been sentenced to twenty years on a violation of probation. In 2022, he was successful in convincing a judge to allow a motion for a new trial for a client based on the failure of her lawyer to correctly advise her of immigration consequences.  The case was eventually dismissed. 







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